Main Difference between Blu Pearl Couscous and regular Couscous

The main difference between Blu Gourmet Pearl Couscous and regular Couscous is simple. Regular fine North African couscous is made from wheat husks and is reconstituted, meaning it has been pre cooked. Blu Gourmet Pearl Couscous is made from whole of the wheat and then toasted in an open flame oven. It is a raw product which requires 8-10 minutes cooking time, which is ample for the Pearls to absorb all the flavours of the meal.

Feature Recipes

Why is Blu Gourmet Pearl Couscous so special?

The recipes in this site are made with Pearl Couscous.

  • It has a unique, rich nutty flavour.
  • Has a chewy and al dente texture.
  • Smooth, almost buttery mouth feel.
  • Shape and size similar to a Pearl.
  • Absorbs sauces, reductions and herbs.
  • Is very versatile in lots of recipes.
  • Blu Gourmet Pearl Couscous has a Low GI of 52.
  • 40% less calories than regular fine couscous.